Monday, July 17, 2006

instrumentation for the next concert

Harpsichord: The range is FF ( 3 octaves below middle C - this would be 4 ledger lines below the bass staff) to e'' ( 3 octaves above middle C - this would be 3 ledger lines above the treble staff). It is important to note that there is no F# above the FF bass note. Stops available: lower 8 foot & upper 8 foot (solo, coupled, or both disengaged), 4 foot stop (solo possible) and lute stop. For more specific questions on harpsichord writing or the instrument available for the concert, please get in touch with Katelyn Clark.

Percussion: For this first concert we will be using a vibraphone as the main keyboard instrument. Other instruments such as
cymbals, triangles, temple bell, gong, tam-tam, some drums (toms, congas or bongos) or crotales can be added to the vibraphone, but we strongly suggest to keep the set-up relatively small and to contact our percussionist by e-mail to make sure all the instruments will be available: Fernando Rocha.

Piano: three-pedal grand, extended techniques possible, preparation not encouraged due to the set-up time constraints. For piano-specific or ensemble enquiries, contact Xenia Pestova via this form.

Electronics: support for CD playback or Max/MSP/Jitter (please provide detailed documentation). Computer processing power limits: 1.67 G4 Macintosh Powerbook. Amplification/diffusion is recommended for pieces involving the harpsichord. Please direct all questions regarding the technical set-up to Jacob Sudol.