Saturday, October 21, 2006

Repertoire Database

THANK YOU to all the composers who have expressed interest and took the time to write for us and send us your work. Below is a list of the submissions received from the initial call for works (31 composers from 18 countries). Pieces marked with an asterisk * are especially written or arranged.


Derek Hurst (USA) - Lux Furtiva * for piano, harpsichord, and vibraphone

Jacob Sudol (USA/Canada) - Inner Music * for percussion, piano, harpsichord, and quadraphonic electronics


John Luther Adams (USA) - Red Arc/Blue Veil for piano, percussion and electronic sounds and Among Red Mountains for piano solo

Danielle Baas (Belgium) - Variations prehistoriques * - trio for vibraphone, harpsichord and piano on a sculpture of Axelle Thiry

Sebastien Beranger (France) - Esquisse d'Espace for piano solo

Caroline M Breece (UK/USA) - a perspex case displays a forgotten moment * for piano, harpsichord, vibraphone and CD playback

Christopher Burns (USA) - Xerox Book for piano and percussion

Elvio Cipollone (Italy) - Kalakala for piano and percussion

Brendan Colbert (Australia) - Alter(n)ations * for piano, harpsichord and vibraphone

Laura~Anne Collins (UK) - 7/4 a secret * for piano, harpsichord and vibraphone with electronic sound and diffusion

Arturo Corrales (Switzerland) - icaco caido for piano and percussion

Benoit Cote (Canada) - Huellas for piano and vibraphone

Violeta Dinescu (Romania/Germany) - Echoes II for piano and percussion

Nicholas Gish (USA) - Walking in Fresh Air * for piano, amplified harpsichord and vibraphone

Nickos Harizanos (Greece) - Are the Birds Wondering? * for piano, harpsichord and vibraphone

Jeffrey Harrington (USA) -
Marteau-pilon Epouvantable-Implacable * for piano and amplified harpsichord

Gideon Gee-Bum Kim (Korea/Canada) - Forgotten Dance for piano, harpsichord and vibraphone *

Hikari Kiyama (Japan) - 666 * for percussion, piano and harpsichord

Santiago Lanchares (Spain) - Castor & Pollux for piano and percussion

Martin Q Larsson (Sweden) - Basho trilogy arranged for piano, harpsichord and vibraphone *

Massimo Lauricella (Italy) - Due studi for piano solo and Fiabe, Miti e Magie for percussion and piano

Luis Menacho (Argentina) - Koln [entre lineas] free instrumentation

Marcos Mesquita (Brazil) - Vol - For Stanley for percussion and piano

Elmir Mirzoev (Azerbaijan) - Short excercises for brain and hands for two players

Andrea Nicoli (Italy) - Nelle vostre mani for harpsichord

Rossano Pinelli (Italy) - Diverticoli for vibraphone and piano and WATT for vibraphone and piano

Giorgio Colombo Taccani (Italy) - Stati D'Animo for piano and percussion

Tonino Tesei (Italy) - ROUND for piano and percussion

Luca Vanneschi (Italy) - Metafisico Uno * for vibraphone, harpsichord and piano

Nicholas Vines (Australia) - Strawberry Girl for piano and percussion

Samuel Vriezen (Netherlands) - The Weather Riots free instrumentation