Saturday, November 17, 2012

Festival Rainy Days, 24 November - 2 December, Luxembourg

This year's edition of the Rainy Days festival of contemporary music in Luxembourg pays tribute to John Cage. Appropriately subtitled as "Good Luck", the festival brings together composers influenced by Cage and collectives such as the Amsterdam Harp Ensemble with Lucas Vis, Ensemble Intercontemporain, Ictus Ensemble, and the Luxembourg Philharmonic Orchestra.

One of the highlights is bound to be the "Toy Piano World Summit", which will close the festival on December 2, 2012. Six professional "toy pianists" from Europe, UK and the US will perform at the summit, including "the Queen of the Toy Piano" and John Cage expert Margaret Leng Tan. The whole day comprises 68 concerts and performances (including 24 world premieres) with about 400 musicians in all halls of the Philharmonie Luxembourg, and an exhibition of toy pianos from all over the world. Admission is free, so why not visit and try your luck?