Sunday, December 03, 2006

March 17 concert

Our first concert as a trio (with Fernando Rocha) took place at 8 p.m. on March 17th in the new 200-seat Tanna Schulich Hall at the Schulich School of Music of McGill University, Montreal (the CKS started its life as a duo with Katelyn Clark and Xenia Pestova). The programme was as follows:

Massimo Lauricella - "Due Studi" for piano solo: 2. "Prestissimo, tremendo..."**
"Fiabe, miti e magie" (1999) for percussion and piano: 1. "Morfeo racconta i suoi amori, e Cupido... s'addormenta"**

Caroline M Breece - "a perspex case displays a forgotten moment" for piano, harpsichord, vibraphone and electronics*

Nicolas Gilbert - "Ariane Endormie" (2005) for vibraphone solo

Jacob Sudol - "Inner Music" for percussion, piano, harpsichord, and quadraphonic electronics *


Kaija Saariaho - "Jardin Secret II" for harpsichord and tape

Derek Hurst - "Lux Furtiva" for piano, harpsichord, and vibraphone*

Samuel Vriezen - "The Weather Riots" (2001) for at least two of any instruments that can play between c' and g''' **

* World Premiere
** Canadian Premiere